What determines the price of a screen printed item?

The cost of the item itself, the number of items printed on, the number of images printed on each item, and the number of colors in each image.  Let us know what you are interested in and we will get you a free quote ASAP!

Do you have minimum quantities?

No – but we have quantity discounts so the more you order the more you save!

Do you have setup fees?

Yes – but a setup fee only applies to orders fewer than 25; above this, all setup fees are waived!

Do you do custom graphic design work?

Yes, we do that too! Standard setup includes vectorization of a high-resolution image for the best possible print. We offer additional professional design services at a rate of $20 per hour.  We can create logos and designs fitted to your needs!

What is your turn around time?

Typical turnaround time is 2 weeks for orders fewer than 300 items.  We can deliver most items in as little as 1 week and select t-shirts in less than 1 week for 15% of the pre-tax order total.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is free! If you are in the Denver, Colorado area, I deliver them personally to you!

How does payment work?

Payment is due on or before delivery of items. We accept cash or check only (no credit cards unless discussed beforehand.) We are a small business and this helps us keep our prices competitive.

What kind of ink do you use?

We generally print fabric orders with plastisol-based and paper orders with water-based ink. We have the ability to print other kinds of inks if you are interested.

Can I provide my own items to be screen printed?

Yes, we accommodate printing on items you provide but prefer to supply them on our own. We have access to wholesale pricing on thousands of items with no sales tax and cover the cost of misprints when we supply them – it is almost always cheaper this way. If you still choose to provide your own items, we will require you to sign a waiver that releases us from any liability. We do not print on irreplaceable items, as while it is rare, there is always the possibility of a misprint.

What images are best for screen printing?

High resolution images are crucial for a great print and vectored images are the best. If you don’t know what this means, we can help! Just send us your image and we will go from there.

Why should I go with screen printing versus Direct To Garment (DTG)?

Like most things, it depends. With screen-printing, you get a more vibrant and longer-lasting print. With DTG, you don’t have the same color-constraints as screen printing and setup can be cheaper. If you just need a couple prints quickly and quality isn’t a huge concern, or if you want a photo-like image of your hilarious dog wearing a unicorn horn, DTG might be the better choice. Otherwise, screen-printing is the way to go.

What is screen printing?

To start, we convert a high-resolution digital image to a vectored image using specialized software. We then separate each color into its own image, creating halftones if needed. Using a wide-format inkjet printer, we print a positive of each color.

In our darkroom, each positive is then vacuum-sealed and exposed to light under a fine mesh screen coated with a special emulsion that hardens when hit with light. This leaves the positive image soft, which is quickly washed away with a pressure washer in our washout booth, leaving the fine mesh in its place.

When the screens are dry and fully hardened they are loaded onto our Vastex V2000 screen printing press. This press allows us to fine-tune the registration against the pallet the item is placed on, ensuring all of the colors are perfectly aligned.

Lastly, the item is loaded on the pallet and, using a squeegee, colored ink is pushed through the mesh of each screen and onto the garment. The ink is blasted with infrared heat between colors and finished on a conveyor belt dryer to fully cure the print for a long-lasting, vibrant image.